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Cascade Lakes Relay

Cascade Lakes Relay

In consideration for my registration in the 2018 Cascade Lakes Relay (hereinafter "CLR"), I understand and agree to the following:

  • 1.- As correspondence is exclusively via email, the captain must provide an accurate email address.
  • 2.- A $800 deposit check is due with registration and will not be official until payment is received. If registering a team for CLR Blind Date, full registration payment ($900) by check or credit card is due with registration and team registration will not be official until payment is received. Please follow all registration instructions on the website and in confirmation emails to ensure you are officially registered. Once accepted and confirmed, your deposit is not refundable
  • 3.- The minimum age for participants is fourteen (14) years of age. The parent or legal guardian of any participants between the ages of fourteen (14) and eighteen (18), must sign the waiver of liability as well.
  • 4.- I understand that my team is responsible for picking one of the two volunteer options:
    • Option #1- Supply volunteers: Each 12-person team will supply two volunteers. Ultra teams and each Blind Date teams supply one. If our team does not supply the required volunteer(s), we understand we will not be permitted to start. If our volunteer(s) does not show up at their selected assignment, I understand our team will be disqualified. I also understand if our team elects to provide our own volunteers and our volunteers do not show up for their assignment, a penalty donation of $700 must be made to the "Hire a Volunteer" program in order to receive our team finisher shirts & medals, not be officially disqualified, and to be accepted to participate in Cascade Relays events in future years.
    • Option #2- "HIRE A VOLUNTEER" - 100% of funds go directly to a local non-profit organization who will supply volunteers as a fund-raising opportunity for their organization. Support our local communities and the non-profit organizations that participate in the race and take the stress out of finding volunteers.

    Please initial your understanding and agreement of the volunteer requirement.

  • 5.- I understand my team must be able to complete the race prior to the closure of the course at 8:30 PM on Saturday.

    Please initial your understanding and agreement of the team time restriction.

  • 6.- I understand that once registration is paid for and accepted via the lottery, the registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. However, a new captain can be designated from within the team roster. I also understand that waivers (Acknowledgement And Assumption Of Risk And Release And Indemnity Agreement) will need to be signed and submitted by all runners/walkers and if applicable, volunteers and van drivers.

    Please initial your understanding and agreement of the waiver requirement and the refund policy.

  • 7.- I understand that the course for the CLR is held on public roads - there are no road closures, and minimal traffic control. Teams are self-supporting! All members of your team must be made aware that there will be vehicle traffic at all times and several of the Exchange Points are along busy roads. I also understand and will inform my team that any road hazards along the course are NOT marked, the route goes through National Forests and other unpopulated areas where wildlife lives, and that there are cattle guards and areas of open range (livestock not fenced in) so caution is required from all runners and drivers.

    In consideration of this, Cascade Relays LLC will do everything in its power to hold the relay as advertised, but due to the nature of the event, extenuating circumstances not under the control of the event organizers, may necessitate course changes or cancellation for the safety of the participants. These circumstances include, but are not limited to: weather and other forces of nature, last minute road closures and construction, or forest fires in the vicinity of the course. I also understand that the CLR route is both rural and isolated and that 911 emergency treatment will not be immediately available.

    Please initial your understanding and agreement of the public nature of the roads of the CLR course, and of the rural location and conditions that exist on and in the area of the CLR route, and possible course changes if circumstances call for it.

  • 8.- I understand that as the captain I am responsible for informing my team of the rules of the CLR, that they follow them, and for the behavior of my team. This includes, but is not limited to respect for all participants and volunteers, quiet zones in or near residential areas, that team vehicles and runners/walkers are not exempt from state and local traffic laws, and that private property is being used by the CLR and must be respected. Failure to abide by the relay rules may, at the discretion of the race official, result in immediate disqualification.

  • Please initial your understanding and agreement of team etiquette and needing to follow traffic laws. You also agree that if your team is disqualified for any rule infractions, your team will depart from the race in an orderly manner.

  • 9.- For complete information, visit the CLR website at www.cascaderelays.com

Oct 1 - Oct 5*
Running Team (7-12 runners) $1800
Ultra Team (4-6 runners) $1050
Blind Date (6-runners) $900

Only teams choosing the "HIRE A VOLUNTEER" Option #2 for the non-profit volunteers are required to make a donation to a designated charity or non-profit organization.

At time of registration* Change to requesting non-profit volunteers after Feb 1st.* Change to requesting non-profit volunteers after July 15th.**
Two Volunteers $250 $450 $600
One Volunteer $125 $225 $300

*A team can decide to change from Volunteer Option #1 to Volunteer Option #2 up until Feb 1st without penalty - you need to contact info@cascaderelays.com to make this switch.

As the Captain entering a team into the CLR, I agree to and understand all that has been stated above.

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